Private Money Loans give borrowers the opportunity to achieve the Real Estate goals that otherwise would not be available through conventional financing. Either because of their income and credit card challenges, or because of the property and situation challenges.

The application process for a private money loan is significantly easier than for a traditional loan. This is because of the way Private Money Loans are structured. Instead of looking at your credit to analyze your ability to pay the loan back, Private Money lenders estimate the value of the investment and base the decision to lend or not on the expected return on investment of the property. You still have to apply and qualify for the loan, as well as agree to the terms, but the overall process  is less stringent and takes less time.

Private Money Loans are faster, easier, and less restrictive but more situation-dependent. The higher the expected profit-to-loan ration, the more likely a Private Money lender is to agree to the loan.
So what are the ideal times to go with a Private Money Loan? simply put, whenever the opportunity looks unusually promising.

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Who uses Private Money Loans?

  • individuals
  • investors
  • businesses

Properties that qualify:

  • single family homes
  • 2-4 units
  • multi units
  • commercial
  • industrial
  • office buildings
  • restaurants


  • bad credit
  • low credit score
  • low income
  • bankruptcy
  • foreclosure
  • short sale
  • medical history
  • probate
  • how long you have owned the property
  • property needs major repair
  • unique opportunities
  • divorce

Because of the structure of Private Money Loans, they are beneficial for opportunities that have exceptionally high profit potential or that are particularly time sensitive. If you use Private Money Loans properly, focusing on the above situations, you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits working with a Private Money lender has to offer.